Science & Technology
R&D Platforms

This platform enables us to develop bispecific T cell engagers that are potent and highly tumor specific. Our technology is designed to maximizing T cell-mediated cell killing effects with minimal cytokine release syndrome, and high stability and productivity. Leveraging this platform, we are developing multiple bispecific antibodies, including CM355(CD20xCD3), CM336(BCMAxCD3) and CM350(GPC3xCD3).

Novel T Cell Engager (nTCE) Platform

A versatile platform for the discovery and evaluation of antibody drugs. It includes the following main functionalities: antibody screening, engineering and optimization. Based on this platform, we have developed multiple drug candidates with different modalities, including bispecific antibodies, ADCs and fragment crystallizable region (Fc) engineered antibodies.

Innovative Antibody Discovery Platform

This platform is responsible for effective assessment of antibody drug candidates. We have developed multiple cell-based assays using primary and engineered reporter cells, which enable us to quickly screen and select highly potent antibodies with desired biological activities.

Bio-evaluation Platform

Leveraging the experience and expertise of our CMC and manufacturing team, we have developed this platform to identify high yielding cell lines that have desirable characteristics for further cost-efficient development. With this platform, we have successfully identified the cell lines to produce drug candidates in three months.

High-throughput Screening Platform for High Yield Antibody-expressing Cells

This platform has the comprehensive capabilities to develop novel ADCs with diverse combinations of novel payloads with different mechanisms of action, new types of hydrophilic linkers, and various novel antibodies by multi-conjugation techniques, which generates ADCs with full independent intellectual property rights, strong in vivo stability, excellent efficacy, and good safety.

In addition to the MMAE payload and its MC-vc-PAB linker used in CMG901 (AZD0901), we have successfully developed several new types of payloads of new topoisomerase inhibitors and novel linkers.

Novel Antibody Drug Conjugate (ADC) Platform

So far, the Company has over 30 in house-developed Class I novel drugs in the pipeline, 10 of which are in clinical development at different stages, including two NDA acceptance, two funding support from National “Significant New Drugs Development Project” and one being potentially the first-in-class Claudin 18.2 ADC.

Manufacturing Campus

Located in Tianfu International Bio-town, Chengdu, covering an area of 75,333 square meters.

70,000 L

Over 70,000L liters of manufacturing capacity


Satisfy commercial production of 5-15 antibodies simultaneously.


Keymed has established strategic cooperation with leading pharmaceutical enterprises to accelerate the R&D progress and jointly explore more possibilities. Through mutual empowerment, we continue to promote the development of next-generation therapies and bring quality and effective treatments to patients. In the future, the Company will keep on seeking more partners with similar vision.